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Difficult Issues in History and Archives

XVI International Conference
on Archives of the States
of Eastern and Central Europe

Difficult Issues in History and ArchivesWarsaw, 19-20 May 2016


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues and Friends of Archives,

We are truly happy to announce that the Head Office of the State Archives continues the series of annual conferences on archives of Central and Eastern European countries, entitled ‘Colloquia Jerzy Skowronek dedicate’, which was resumed in 2012.

These meetings of archivists from Central and Eastern Europe were initiated early in the 1990s by head of Polish state archives, the tragically deceased Professor Jerzy Skowronek. Currently they become again a place of lively debate on the most important problems bothering the archival community.

This year's conference, which will be held on 19-20 May 2016 in Warsaw, will be dedicated to the subject of ‘Difficult Isssues in History and Archives'.

The 20th century, fraught with dramatic events including two world wars, had a significant impact on the interpretation of history, both in the national and international dimension. Their long-term consequences and political transformations posed many challenges to archives – especially in Southern and East-Central Europe – which were expected to clarify doubts about the past and hold the involved parties to account. The conference will address the impact of difficult historical problems on archives, their collections and operations.

We hope that our meeting will facilitate common reflection on this challenging topic. 


See you in Warsaw!
Organisational Committee